Aussie Road Trip Know-How

Aussie Road Trip Know-How

Have you always wanted to experience a true road trip through Australia? If you have, it’s high time you fulfilled your dreams. However, make sure that you prepare for it carefully. In order to help you with this, and prevent your dream from turning into a nightmare, we have prepared a list of useful advice for your Aussie road trip.


Traveling in a group is usually much more fun than traveling solo. However, you’ll have to make sure that you can get along. Since this may be hard to predict, especially if you’re planning a trip with some friends with whom you have never spent a longer period of time, or with your co-workers with whom you’re still not very close, you have to find a way to test them. For example, if you plan to embark on a journey across the north of Australia, all the way from Cairns to Broome, make sure to have a trial run to a closer destination. If you’re at each other’s throats after just a day of traveling, you should either give up, or find new travel companions.

Decide on the best means of transportation

If you’re a true road-trip junkie, think about investing in your own car or a van. This way, you’ll be your own boss, and even though the initial investment is bigger, you’ll get a lot of your money back. Finally, once you have had enough of the adventure, you can always sell it. However, if this is your once-in- a-lifetime trip around Australia, we recommend that you go for amazing coach hire in Sydney. This way, you’ll also feel more secure, since if something happens, you can always call the company to help you.

Stop before night time

If you’re driving through the outback, it’s very important that you stop before night time. You may be enjoying yourself and not feel tired during night rides, but when it comes to Australia, you should definitely skip them. The main reasons for this are the varied nocturnal animals. Both kangaroos and emus are very insensitive to light and it often happens that they don’t notice your car on the road, so they can’t move quickly and evade your vehicle. So, in order to avoid these kinds of accidents, stick to day rides.

Protect yourselves from mosquitos

If you plan on sleeping in your van, make sure that you have installed mosquito nets on your windows. Otherwise, prepare to be eaten alive. We’re joking, of course, but this doesn’t mean you should underestimate mosquitoes and not prepare in advance. They can be quite numerous at night and turn your rest into hell.

YOu should abide by australian rules

If you’re taking a road trip through Australia, you should make sure to get acquainted with Australian rules and regulations. For example, you should keep in mind that the legal drink drive limit is 0,05. And, if you break this rule, get ready to face the consequences and pay an expensive fine. Furthermore, don’t forget that speeding is punishable with severe penalties in Australia as well, so, make sure to drive within the speed limit. As you can see, it’s very important to know these rules in order to avoid getting into trouble and spoiling you adventure.

Install a GPS Device

Finally, we strongly recommend that you install a GPS device in your vehicle. This is especially important if you’re not familiar with Australian roads. However, keep in mind that even GPS can make a mistake, especially when it comes to exit numbers on roundabouts. And since roundabouts are very common on Australian roads, don’t relax too much, but keep your eyes wide open. Sometimes, you’ll simply have to follow your instincts. As you can see, going on a road trip through Australia requires a certain amount of preparation. However, once you have embarked on your journey, you’ll see that your hard work will pay off and you’ll enjoy every single minute of it.

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