The Gastronomic Stops in Napa Valley
Bianca about to devour one of Boon Fly Cafe's world famous donuts. (Dave's Travel Corner)

Bianca about to devour one of Boon Fly Cafe's world famous donuts. (Dave's Travel Corner)

Napa Valley in Northern California has become a world-class destination, and with good reason. Gorgeous countryside scenery coupled with vast vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest wines, what oenophile and wine enthusiast wouldn’t be drawn?

And what is fine wine if not paired with proper food? Thankfully, Napa Valley not only has an expansive selection of top notch vintage, it also boasts a great number of restaurants and cafes to sate every palate: from international cuisines to the traditional Americana, or from quaint local treasures to Michelin-starred favorites.

Lucky for my sister, Bianca, Napa Valley is just in the neighborhood, and she has all of the area’s gastronomic offerings at her fingertips. Most travelers visiting the Bay Area, however, only have a weekend, a day or even just a couple of hours to explore the viticultural region. With the many must-see and -do attractions and activities in San Francisco - the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the redwoods, Twin Peaks and so on - and some of its charming little coastal municipalities, like Tiburon and Sausalito, it’s no wonder why visitors don’t make it to Napa Valley’s fertile soils.

For those who can allot a day in their travel itineraries for the area, check out Quick Stops Around Napa Valley for a shortlist of food stops to check out in between all the wine tastings!

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