GTGL Snippets: Barnegat Lighthouse

I was so moved by Bianca’s snippet of the Portland Head Light that I’m sharing one of the many photos I took from the top of yet another United States lighthouse, the Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey. It took me 217 steps to get to this point of Old Barney, a nickname that residents has fondly bestowed on this local beacon, which visitors are quite happy to instantly adapt, and to capture this drone-like shot of this absolutely gorgeous pre-summer midday scene below.

The hike up the lighthouse was unplanned. So was the subsequent two-or-so-mile trek to the beach, making my footwear at the time - a pair of gladiator sandals - inappropriate and, as expected, the cause of all my pain. But doesn’t this make the sacrificial bloody feet (I exaggerate, of course) worth it?

Sitting on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, the Barnegat Lighthouse offers panoramic vistas of the island, and the Island Beach and Barnegat Bay. The lighthouse is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day. The nonprofit, Friends of Barnegat Lighthouse, also offers night climbs on a number of dates throughout the year. I bet the sunset would make the view from this vantage point exponentially more beautiful.

If you're not in the mood nor have the energy to climb the lighthouse, you can catch the scenes from the top via live stream fed from four cameras at the Interpretive Center below. 

Barnegat Lighthouse.jpg

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