GTGL Snippets: Portland Head Light

Looks familiar? That's because the Portland Head Light is one of the most photographed, if not THE most photographed, lighthouses in the US. Even the rugged cliff it sits on where it towers 101 feet above the water is picture perfect. I think it's the white farm style fence and the red roof of the adjacent building that give this whole vista that postcard-ready feel.

The Portland Head Light is on the Fort Williams Park grounds, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, about 15 minutes south of downtown Portland. We visited this picturesque lighthouse in September 2015 as part of a New England tour. I knew Maine was all about the lighthouses, and the lobster, of course, so our two day stay in Portland basically revolved around those. 

Fort Williams Park is sizable at 90 acres and I only saw a bit of it. On the other side of the lighthouse, I left my husband at the gift shop and walked about a quarter of a mile on the trail along the cliffs. From that view would be the amazing sunset view, which I didn't get to see as we visited midday. In the pre-stroke days, my husband and I would have hiked the trails of the park, driven to get some lobster at the many famed restaurants in the area, and would have driven back to get that perfect sunset photo. But alas, those were the days, and what I have is an experience I very much appreciate.

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