GTGL Snippets: The London Eye, Champagne Experience

In a pod facing east.

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There's a lot going on in the world that's got me hooked on my news channels. Among them, well, the Brexit. I'm still with the 'why, oh why' side, especially as the Leave vote was the one that seemed to have more global repercussions. That, though, did not stop me from buying some Brisith pounds at 1.33 USD just to have for when my next trip will be. I do certainly hope that travel to England will still be accessible despite the Brexit, though. 

During my last trip to London, the exchange rate was 1 GBP = 1.64 USD. But I would say, spending the extra £10 each for me and my husband for the Champagne Experience on the London Eye was money well spent. (Only 10 quid extra each if  you order online. If you buy tickets at the site, that would be 20 quid more each.) 

Obviously, it comes with a glass of champagne. But honestly, that's really the icing on the cake on the experience. Instead of sharing the capsule with 30 or so people, there were only 4 couples in our capsule, plus the host. I guess there could be more depending on how many folks buy tickets for the time slot you select. But, we got lucky, I guess. 

In that 30-minute cycle, we were able to take the pictures we wanted, walk about leisurely without bumping into other people, thus allowing us to really appreciate what London has to offer from such a unique vista. We even had time to get to know some of the couples with us. One couple were celebrating the wife getting her PhD. Another couple (one English and one Australian) were celebrating their return to London after living in Sydney for 4 years. We were celebrating life in general, I guess. And the other couple, well, the guy took the girl out for their third date. Guys, isn't that impressive?

As I mentioned, I booked in advance. One thing I did check was what time sunset was going to be on the date of our visit. This precise information is something you can just look up. With that information, we were able to get a view of the entire city lighting up. And that truly remarkable sight is just something that I'll have with me forever.


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