The Charming Ghana, Africa

The Charming Ghana, Africa

Thinking of the best destination to visit this summer? Search no more, the charming Ghana is all you need. The country offers a true spirit of Africa. You will be pleased to discover its vast natural wonders, have a chat with friendly locals and engage in their activities and festivals while you relax at the sun-soaked beaches. 

The thing which makes Ghana the best destination in Africa to discover are its rather low prices. You will be surprised to see how everything is affordable. Just book a flight and have the holiday you have always dreamed of at a price that cannot be paid anywhere else.

See the pristine beaches and have some fun

There are hundreds of miles of beaches you can unwind at. Ghana is well-known for its pristine beaches with perfect waves and palm trees that will make you forget all about your everyday stress. You should visit the 3-kilometre-long Labadi beach where you can have both a peaceful and an active holiday. You could simply unwind at the beach by reading a book or sunbathing by the crystal clear waters or indulge in some water activities such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding or scuba diving. My husband and I visited the Kokrobite beach because he is really fond of reggae music and we had the time of our lives. The beach is all about spreading some positive energy with the locals and dancing to some excellent vibes.

Locals can teach you about the history and culture

Ghana is brimming with a lot of ethnic groups you can explore – you can meet up to ethnic groups out there. The place is a melting pot of different cultures which will keep you interested in their customs and history. Locals love creating arts and crafts and including tourists in their habits. You will have the unique opportunity to see the local women produce some remarkable clothes I absolutely enjoyed and could not stop wearing. Still, everybody compliments me and my husband on unique items we bought in Ghana. You will see a lot of artists in the streets selling their paintings which depict the African life as it once was. Do not forget to taste the locally grown food in the streets. You will help the local farmers earn some extra money while having some of the best bites of delicious food. Buskers in the streets create a really cosy atmosphere and you will instantly feel like one of the Ghanaians as they are so sociable to invite you to dance with them to some happy tunes. The entire country is a large boost of positive energy, wherever you go the locals will lift up your spirits. Do not miss talking to the members of Ewe tribe who love teaching their guests how to play drums.

Be clever when choosing the place to stay

We stayed in Ghana for 15 days a couple of years ago so we figured out it was the best to rent a house in Accra. Although there are many offers when it comes to accommodation you can explore, we realized that it is the smartest way of saving some money and having the best comfort to find a house in Accra. You will not have to think about the safety and facilities the hotels and hostels may provide you with and you will feel at home because there will be no loud hotel guests to bother you. There is no better way to enjoy your intimate holiday than this. Accra is a great place to stay because everything will be close to you and the locals out there are really friendly.

Festivals are a must

Before coming to Ghana, we had already expected Ghanaians to be joyful. But we were thrilled to see that they are the happiest nations we had ever met. You can witness their positive spirit at a large number of festivals. Visit Ghana in the first week of July to experience Bakatue festival. Local fishermen start sailing on their boats which are brightly coloured. There is a lot of dancing and singing. You will see the local fishermen brimming with enthusiasm as they sail on their brightly-coloured boats. If you really love music, you should not miss The Odambea Festival, which is all about bonding and sharing some positive energy while listening to the finest African music. 

See the natural wonders

Ghana is brimming with natural wonders. With as many as 7 national parks and 21 protected areas, the place is full of wildlife. Check out Bia national park  and Nini Suhien national park to see a lot of monkeys, elephants, buffalos and leopards. 

Grab a bite of the finest food

You will drink a lot of coconut juice when you come to Ghana. We loved the effect it had on our skin. It was instantly glowing and radiant. We even bought some coconut oil to treat our skin afterwards! However, there is a dish you definitely have to taste – waakye. Be aware of its spiciness. It contains fish, egg and spaghetti and is absolutely delicious!

There is no better place to spend your holiday than Ghana. With its sun-kissed beaches, friendly locals and a lot of positive energy, you can have the holiday of your dreams. Be sure to check their holidays, visit national parks and try the finest local food.

Roxana is a Sydney based travel enthusiast with a passion for writing. She loves fashion and has an eye for anything visually appealing and aesthetical. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. You can find her articles on HighStyleLife and StyleByAsia. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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