GTGL Snippets: Washington, D.C., USA

Second time's a charm! 

Our first attempt to witness the cherry blossom trees was a fail. We seized the opportunity to take the trip to Washington, D.C. during the kids' spring break in 2013 (almost two years after moving to the northeastern part of the country, but that's another story). The National Cherry Blossoms Festival was scheduled on March 20th through April 14th of that year, and the National Park Service predicted that the trees will have their "peak blossom" on the festival's second week.

I assumed that, although our scheduled trip was the weekend before the predicted peak, we’d still get to experience D.C. a little bit pink-ed out. I was wrong. It was chilly, gloomy and the buds were yet to bloom. The drive from Jersey to D.C. was not in vain, though. After all, it was our first time in the nation’s capital. Needless to say, there were the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian museums - you know, the works - to explore.

We had better luck the following year. Our trip coincided with the 2014 festival's program of activities and we got, well, all-festive. There was the parade, dozen's of things to do for families, and food trucks! The icing, of course, was Japan’s gift to the country: the sakura trees, in all their blooming glory! They are just the prettiest symbol of friendship between two nations. Aren’t they lovely?

See photos of our day surrounded with cherry blossom trees on Instagram!