My love for travel stemmed from my love of foreign lands, when I was very young and I learned of the greatest literary works ever written. That brought about curiosity of the sort where I opened encyclopedia volumes to learn about history, pre-Wikipedia times, so yes, that curious.

From there came the dream of someday seeing things for myself. It was with my husband, Jesùs, that we made those dreams come true. We were always planning the next trip, and when we had enough money and vacation hours, we took them. On we were, set with one goal: to experience.

In June 2013, my husband suffered from a massive stroke, our lives changed completely. We’re both still recovering, and in this, we’ve learnt that we can somehow adapt our dreams to our disabilities. We’ve clung to our past adventures to inspire us for the next, to continue on with our goal, and experience what we can while we can, albeit, now just with different travel styles. So, on we still go.


I am perennially torn as I seem to have a scientific brain but a heart for the arts. So, I work for a biotech company but I write, I take pictures, I read, I bake, I garden, I travel, I scrapbook, I design, I draw… 

I am drawn to beauty and passion. I live, I love yet I think and argue. 

I’m poetic and romantic but I get excited with blood and gore. 

I dance in my undies and memorize the songs I adore. 

I am true Virgo with my endless desire to IKEA-ize the world. 

I love coffee, sparkling water and fruity cocktails and I drink everything with a straw. Except champagne, and I will always follow the champagne. 

I am a daughter, a sister and a wife. I am a lover, a friend, an enemy, a stranger. 

I am a child of God who’s constantly tempted by the allure of worldly things. But my faith will save me. 

In my past life, I was Boticelli’s muse while stalking Da Vinci to be his apprentice. In my past past life, I was Cleopatra.

So these may explain why I see things the way I do, but with all the seriousness of the life I’ve come to have, I’ve learnt to take it all in stride, and find something to smile about. So, on we still are going.

💛, B