It started as a collection of pictures, almost two terabytes worth for two households for the past decade or so. That may be a lot, or not at all, but it was from that collection when we thought, we’ve moved across oceans, across the ends of countries, and in between, life had happened. Perhaps the photos that contain our lives can reside somewhere else other than our hard drives. Perhaps one person out there can stumble upon a photo that will make him take his next adventure.

This is for that one person. It could very well be ourselves. And this is a call to action.

We dream, we get inspired. But our wanderlust stays in our hearts while the inertia from our life’s responsibilities contains our dreams. The hardest part is picking up momentum. But all it takes is a spark. And with that spark, one can get there, wherever ‘there’ is.

In every adventure, there is always some sense of being lost. After all, would it still be an adventure if there is no mystery to anything? We get lost in the moment, in our senses, in the culture, the food, the conversation, sometimes even literally, and that fear we feel at that moment becomes the story that defines the trip, and therefore shaping what we become next.

So that’s our travel philosophy. Life is much different now than when we first started traveling - we have families, we have households to run, even careers to manage and pursue. So for us, this is a promise that amidst all that, we will make every effort to get there, to get lost, and take the next adventure.

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